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The dysfunctional but hugely wealthy Edwards dynasty has lived in Mayfair for 250 years. Traditionalist Patriarch, Sir Jeremy, is a much respected and targeted Whitehall mandarin. His influence at the heart of the Civil Service is peerless and his links to Royalty and the spooks of MI6 make him pivotal in the governance of modern Britain. He has fingers in every pie but, as we discover, has a deep yearning for personal peace.

His wife, Lady Laura, a no bullshit New York corporate lawyer, has found a way, through love, to thrive in the more nuanced British legal system.

Their children are a mixed bunch.

Super bright Sebastian is a leading KC. But, when he perverts the course of justice to save his son, the stain on his character just won’t wash out. Rebellious Rachel is a radical political lecturer. Her marriage to a South American freedom fighter oddly brings her closer to the family. Black sheep James is a lost soul but, through his entrepreneurial music business acumen, turns out to be the cream of the Edwards crop. Dark David is the rotten apple. A decorated officer in the 14/20th Hussars, he secretly deals arms with Arabs and funds coups in West Africa.

The dramatic glue is Charles-the family butler and confidante for 30 years. He’s loyal and knows all the secrets. There is nothing he can’t fix or hide.

Mayfair- the series- celebrates these magnificent lifestyles but also scratches off the surface of their glossy privileged veneer to expose the sleazy, underbelly of crime, people trafficking, prostitution, drugs, and dirty money. All human life is here in Mayfair!

This trailer is a taster of a world full of love, ambition, despair, revenge, happiness, sadness, fear and joy. Mayfair is a multifaceted, multicultural, contemporary British drama.


Created by Henry Hadaway

Written by Henry Hadaway & Sam Snape

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